Hey there,

as you can see, this is not my face on the thumb – obviously 😀 … This is Barbara Böckmann and she luckily contributed to my current cover version of One More Light. She is a great violin player and the best of it: It turned out she is an absolute marvelous and lovely person! I totally enjoyed the time with her creating this cover and iam pretty sure she will join future projects. Thanks for spending your time on this, Babs darling xD :)

Normally i use a lot of sampled strings and pads in my recordings. So i got the idea of collaborating with a real violin player to give it a more natural and handmade impact. And besided my voice, i wanted the violin to be the second “lead voice” in this piece. We hope you like this very special and maverick version of One More Light …

Thank you guys and see you soon! ❤