Dear friends …

please give me a second to explain myself 😀 … But first of all i want to thank my beloved brother Mars for spending his time and helping me with the video. Thank you bro, love ya :*

Well i know i did not make any video for a longer time now. As you might guess, creating this stuff takes a ton of work and since i am producing A LOT for an upcoming album of our newly created band, there is not too much time for youtube actually. But things will change – i promise. As soon as the album is done, good things will happen :)

Now to this cover: I am totally in love with the latest AA album and really happy Danny is back. I really love every song on this CD but Alone In A Room just stuck in my ears since the first second – especially due to the lyrics cause they just hit me right in the face.
Initially i wanted to cover this song just using my acoustic guitar, but then i realized really quick that i have to give it a lot more deepness. This cover is probably my favourite one i ever made. I hope you guys enjoy it too :)

Tell me what you think and if you like it :)

Smooches … ♥